Who We Are

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 Mapanza is one of the leading meat processing and supply company based in Zambia. We maintain a robust nationwide distribution network and are involved in every aspect of meat processing. Our abattoir's process cattle, pigs, lamb, and goat. While our state of the art factory packs and processes fresh meat cuts, cooked and fresh sausages as well as quality cured meat products and chicken. Our success is driven by our people, our focus on results and our strict quality control

The Right People In The Right Jobs

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Chicken and chips Take away

We pack take away products in braded packages for proper usage to meet our customers expectation

Elijah Muchimba
Shareder & Founder

I am chartered certified accountant and a holder a master of business administration from the university of Zambia

Tim Woods
CEO & Founder

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Mapanza company

Mapanza Meats is a subsidiary of Teddington Capital Limited which is wholly Zambian owned and registered business. Mapanza was established to provide organically grown meat and farm products to consumers. While maintaining the original test of farm products, The company ensures ensures quality of all products are provided to consumers through various strict guidelines from relevant authorities and the use of standard procedures in the processing processes.